Want to relax?

Popular Places & Activities

Apollo Pool Complex

It is the best-known thermal aquatic complex open all year round and invites you to discover 10 swimming pools with thermal water, indoor and outdoor, wave pool and of course 2 children’s pools and 5 slides that delight tourists everywhere.

Aqua Park President

President Aqua Park, the first Aqua Park in Băile Felix, comprises 13 indoor and 5 outdoor pools, all with thermal water. The slides, the wave pool, the volleyball court, chess boards and other facilities, offer the conditions for an active day.

Felixarium Aqua Park

It is a unique Aqua Park, unique in Baile Felix. It offers 10 indoor swimming pools and retractable dome, children’s playground, volleyball court & Waterfall Bar. The retractable dome reveals an impressive celestial, daytime or nighttime spectacle.

Water lilies lake

Here, in a unique microclimate in Europe due to the thermal springs, rare species such as the White Water Lily (Nymphaea Alba), the Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera), the Thermal Water Lily and the Baltic Cypress (Taxodium distichum) grow.

The wooden church

The wooden church of Brusturi, arrived at the Băile Felix resort after a stop in Oradea, is built of rosewood in „The years of the Lord 1785 in the month of May in 4 days Saturday. Master Toadere. ”- inscription located at the top of the portal.

Horseback riding

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding, in a natural setting, on horses specially trained for this – kind, intelligent, docile and educated, being easy to be mastered by the rider. Also, wagon or carriage rides can be organized on request.

Jogging & trekking

Located just around the resort is the Felix Forest, which stretches over several tens of hectares, surrounded by alleys where you can walk or hike. The forest also houses a jogging track, the same track used for training by great Romanian athletes.

ATV Riding

Whether you are a beginner who wants an easy ride on a simple route, or you are advanced and want a bit of adrenaline, you can have a four-wheel adventure in the forest that surrounds the resort or on the hills in the area. Fun is guaranteed!

Betfia Pothole

If you’re up for some exploring and passionate about nature, you can take a journey to the Center of the Earth. The Betfia Pothole is a cave with 86 meters depth, of limestone origin, created by successive collapses and it houses an impressive colony of bats.