Baile Felix resort is located in Bihor county, only 2 km from Baile 1 Mai and 10 km south of Oradea, between Rontau and Haieu villages.

You can travel to Baile Felix in a number of ways. We have gathered useful information for getting here from around the world.


Due to the geographical position, Baile Felix resort can be reached relatively easily from any part of the country. In case you want to travel by car to our resort, depending on the place of residence you can choose one of the routes below:

  • From Budapest: M3 motorway + E 79 route
  • From Debrecen: E 79 route
  • From Bucharest: E 60 route
  • From Cluj-Napoca: E 60 route
  • From Timisoara or Arad: E671 route
  • From Satu Mare: DN 19E road


Baile Felix resort is serviced by local bus company OTL. You can easily get travel to our resort from multiple points in Oradea. The journey time is around 12-15 minutes.  There are 2 different routes from which you can pick: 511 & 513.


Accessible at only 6 km from Oradea, and 13 km from Baile Felix, near the national road DN79, Oradea International Airport (OMR) serves Bihor County with a population of 620,000 inhabitants.

Airport Transfer

Bus line 28, ensures the connection between Oradea International Airport and the downtown area of Oradea.

Taxi or rental cars are also available at the airport.