The miraculous effects of the thermal water in Baile Felix have been known since ancient times by the free Dacians, who used the water for bathing, noticing an improvement of the physical condition and the disappearance of the joint pains.

250 years after the reign of Ladislau of Hungary (1077-1095), Mark of Kalt inserted in the Painted Chronicle of Vienna the historical tradition of the visit of King Ladislau of Hungary through the lands of Bihar, during a hunt.

Thus, in 1095, King Ladislau of Hungary enjoys the thermal springs with miraculous effects in the Parish of Bihor Fortress.

In 1221, the oldest testimony of the Baile Felix appears in a Diploma of the Vatican, mentioning the thermal waters near the Oradia Fortress as Termadi Varadienses or Oradiei Baths.

Later, between 1700 – 1721, Felix Heldres, Czech monk, administrator of the monastery in Sanmartin, discovers and uses the Felix spring, whose name became widespread, over time, for the entire resort.

The first attestation about the resort dates from 1763 and contains the notes of a doctor regarding the construction of a pool for baths.

The first building, Hotel Felix, was built between 1766-1772, with several rooms and a swimming pool.

The symbol of the resort, the “thermal water lily” or the “lotus flower” (Nymphaea Lotus var. Termalis), was discovered in 1789 by the botanist P. Kitaibel, and named in 1908 by J. Tuzson, inspired by the similarities to the Nile water lily.

The resort begins to develop after the first modern drilling of the Main Spring, in 1885.

In 1889 the waters of Baile Felix are awarded with the Gold Medal and Diploma of Excellence at the World Exhibition in Paris.

After 1885, and continuing with the early 1900s, the resort develops around the main spring.

At present, Baile Felix is ​​the largest permanent functioning resort in Romania. The waters of the Bihorean resort are at the forefront of the curative waters of Europe, as evidenced by the analyzes carried out by the specialized institutions in Europe. Their uniqueness lies in the physiological balance between chemical composition and thermality, which makes them highly appreciated and efficient in both external and internal treatments.